Customer Service to the Rescue!

There’s much to be said about the company you choose; regardless of what service(s) the company is providing you with. We’ve all had our share of good and bad experiences and the fact of the matter is that we tend to discuss the bad ones more so than the good ones. That being said, this blog post is quite the opposite. I prefer to talk about my good experiences with companies and leave the complaints between the company and I. When asked however; I will certainly express my disgust in any particular company I’ve had a poor experience with.

Today I want to talk about two items this company has to offer. The first, and to get into the companies purpose a little, is the product they have. We’ve all been on the web for some time now browsing site to site, page to page, blog to blog. And I have to admit, there is truly an endless supply of information out there. Some companies who do their business online, or are attempting to attract more repeat customers and higher search engine results are taking advantage of a rewards program offered by

This rewards program is extremely easy to use and more importantly, free! If you have a website and want to drive more and more results from it, I strongly encourage you to visit today and check it out. From the very beginning, your experience is going to be positive. The user friendliness of this site should be one that is trend setting. It set’s the bar for anyone who needs to know how to design a website with the end user in mind. Having looked at the site, let’s assume you’re now ready to add their nifty service. It cannot possible be as simple as a click followed by 2 simple form fields can it? Sure can.

Setup of PunchTab’s reward program is done through some very handy wizards. They have a wizard built for any platform your website may be built upon. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal you name it. And if you are not taking advantage of the CMS way of doing things, it’s completely ok. They have a simple copy and paste code snippet that you add to the bottom of your web page and voila! Rewards program added!

So what if you get stuck and cannot figure something out? Maybe you’ve designed a custom wordpress theme and times have changed since you originally designed this theme. It may not be easy peasy to add in Punchtab. That’s not to say that you’re S.O.L by any means. On their website you’ll find a chat option (typical support mechanism these days) where a friendly member of their support team is waiting for your questions to come in. Now, I’ve certainly had my fun with chat support in the past, but like I said, I prefer to leave the complaints between the company and I. This chat support however, EXCELLENT!

Subu was the support agents name who assisted me. He was dedicated, nay, absolutely driven to solve my issues. Subu truly went the extra mile in providing the support I received. Not only did he offer suggestions on what could be causing the issue, but through our discussion I offered the option of adding him as a temporary admin to the WordPress site so that he could see the guts and glory to help us sort out the issue. Subu did the very honest step of setting up a screen share through so that I can see exactly what he was doing – this made me feel extremely secure and confident in him. Thank you Subu.

Step by step we conversed on the possible resolution to the issue as he flipped through the admin area for possible culprits. Not only did he find the issue, but he also fixed it while he was there!

Most chat support teams seem to be incapable of providing a high level of customer service, in my opinion. There are those that are fantastic. – AMAZING. So much so that I felt the need to immediately post about it.

If you’re looking for a great way to drive traffic, increase your search engine rankings and keep visitors interested and coming back to your website – I highly recommend the rewards program.


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