HTML Kickstart by 99 Lime – Making Design time more efficient

As a designer / developer I am always looking for ways to streamline my workflow and become more efficient as a result. In my stumbling around today I landed upon a little gem entitled Html Kickstart and thought I would share.

Html Kickstart is not for the beginner, it is for someone who has an okay to expert level of knowledge in coding out a website. You will need to have an understanding of how to add elements to a webpage in code view, how to add a CSS style to those elements and an overall vision for what you want the final product to look like. You’ll also need to know how to customize CSS after you’ve created your wireframe using Html Kickstart in order to tailor the design to your vision.

That being said, if you’re looking for a way to drastically increase your time spent on the final nitty gritties of web design and very quickly build or put together a solid foundation to create that site on, then enter Html Kickstart.

What is Html Kickstart

Html Kickstart is a downloadable set of files that include pre-set and pre-coded stylesheets and javascripts to allow you to very quickly piece together the overall look of your website. Through the very simple addition of an html element and the inclusion of a CSS class in that element you can create anything from a simple list to a full on content slider.

Head on over to Html Kickstart and have a gander. Download the files and view the Readme. There is an included example file that displays a basic design for you to get an idea off of and their website includes complete detailed listing of the classes and html code to use to create any of the elements their framework supports.

Know of any other excellent web design / web development tools for efficiency? Share them in the comments!


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