Great Web Development Apps in the Android Marketplace

I thought I would take some time to share some of the Android Apps (sorry iPhone users, I’m a ‘droid) related to Web Development that I’ve come across and found useful. There are so many great apps in the marketplace to choose from and so I am only listing those that I have found thus far. If you know of some great apps in this category, please share!

webdesigner depot for androidWebdesigner Depot

A mobile blog of sorts listing useful articles covering such topics as Blogs, Branding, Coding, SEO, eBooks, Facebook, Twitter, Graphics Design, How To’s, Inspiration and more. So much information at the swipe of your finger you’ll get cramped within the first half hour of using this great app. The coding cheat sheets were found exceptionally useful to me.

zend framework reference android appZend Frame

A great handy (pun intended) reference for the Zend Framework. Zend Frame provides everything from an introduction to the Zend Framework through learning, coding, structure and performance. Available as a free app (advertising) or a pro version (no advertising).

Project Schedule Free Android AppProject Schedule Free

This project management app ties in with many of the masters in this software line on your home / office PC or Mac. Easily setup project management workflows and schedules to assist you in ensuring your web projects go smoothly and meet deadlines. The app supports MSPDI-XML files that allow interaction between MS-Project and other project management software titles.

Real Colors Android AppReal Colors

Have you ever been out and about and noticed a color scheme that you liked? Maybe in a mall, or a hair salon? Maybe even simply in someones home or in nature? Snap a shot with your phone and this handy app will auto-generate a color scheme you can then share via email. Schemes are sent inclusive of their hex color values. Provides dual view capabilities (graphed view of the found colors in your photo or the actual photo itself) and allows you to provide a custom name for the scheme. So the next time you are kicking around in a park, or walking through a mall and you think “hey, self, those colors would be great for so and so’s website” snap a shot, name the color scheme and email it to your client or yourself / team for evaluation.

Visit the Android Marketplace for more!

There are many great apps in the marketplace and many of them are free. This includes some mobile coding apps. More of these handy utilities to come as I test them out for my needs.

Know of a great Android app that fits the bill of this category? Comment below and share the wealth!


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