Getting Online: Do I need a website?

Remember the days of actually reading the flyers that land in your mailbox? Or grabbing the yellow pages directory to find a service provider for whatever it is you are in need of?

Those days are growing old as the internet grows rapidly to become the number one source of information. The internet, though still in its infancy, has grown so much in fact that it is used in schools around the world for their students to research information and study their subjects.

Let’s take a specific real life example. Did you get the paper lately? Did you notice the Real Estate section in it? That section is geared specifically as a marketing tool used by real estate brokers to capture their audience and sell homes and commercial properties. But that section is not turning the same results it once had.

More and more people are turning to the internet to find their real estate information. Websites such as MLS in the US and MLS in Canada are becoming the primary source of information for people to find their next home or real estate agent.

That is a really big deal when you think about it. A market that large and important relying on the internet more so than printed marketing materials to generate their business? More and more real estate agents are following this pattern and getting their own personal websites up and running in addition to their agencies website and their MLS listings. Why? Because they know the power of the internet to make them successful.

How about a Pizza place? Why are more and more mom and pop style pizza places getting online? Because they are following the lead of the major pizza chains and taking advantage of the internet to generate business. Online ordering systems are adding automation to their strategies and saving them the cost of stopping to answer the phone. A regular Joe like you or me wants to order some ‘za for dinner, we hit the net go to our favorite pizza joint’s site and use the online ordering system to place our order.  Within seconds, the pizza place has our order in their system and their making our pizza.

It’s a growing standard. If you have a business, and you want it to grow to its fullest potential, you need a website.

So what do I need to do to get a website?


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