Hey There!

Thank you, first of all, for your visit to my site.

I am more than just your average website designer. Why? Because I am passionate about this field of work. So much so that it is almost to a fault. Rather than getting some good ol’ exercise in my day, I spend countless hours in front of my computer looking for new and exciting ways to develop websites, or working directly on a clients website.

This blog will eventually become my home on the internet. Some day, when I have time to work on my own websites design, I will take the leap and turn this into a full on website with a proper domain name and a customized WordPress template, designed of course by moi!

Ok, so a little about me.

Tuxedo Cat, My cat Oreo

Poggie is a Shi-Poo and he's great!I’m just a dude who’s very enthused in web technology. I live in the beautiful Niagara Falls Ontario with my wife and the 2 coolest pets anyone could ask for, Poggie (my pup) and Oreo (unique name, I know. But he’s one cool cat).

I’ve had a number of jobs in my life thus far, some pertaining more to this line of work, and some on the opposite end of the spectrum. From making pizza, to providing quality technical support in a call centre for Hewlett-Packard and Apple software and hardware, to underground utilities construction, I’ve had a rather diversified career path thus far. However through all of this, the one underlying factor that has always remained constant is that I love to build great websites (and love to learn as the technology grows).

One of the very first websites I designed was for my brother, Chef James Cuttriss of The Heat Is On Catering. James is as passionate about his business and cooking as I am about mine. So years ago, I decided to build him a website and help him market his business to the internet populous. The end result was a major growth in his clients. More and more people and organizations began to contact him because they found him on the web. That was my first trigger indicating that internet marketing works, and to be successful, you really should get online.

I’ve since designed a number of websites for a broad range of businesses in many fields such as child care, photography, hospitality and tourism, internet radio and more.

I want to thank you for visiting my site. If you are in need of a website, or in need of help and guidance in getting online, you’ve come to the right place. I intend to not only use this blog to market my business, but also to provide guidance to those who are unsure of the steps in getting online, or those who are unsure of whether they should even bother to get online (YES YOU SHOULD!).

Have a good one and I hope to hear from you if you need anything!

Tom Cuttriss.


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